Your Grandson Needs Help

Scam Targeting Elderly Residents in the New England Area


A male subject calls the victim pretending to be their grandson. The suspect actually uses the victim’s grandson’s name. The suspect requests $4,800 saying:

A. He was in a car accident and needs the money to repair the vehicle before he can be released from jail or

B. A friend drove him to Canada and he needs money to fly back home.

**The phone reception is always of poor quality and the victims believe the suspect is their grandson. **The suspect requests the money be transferred via money gram from a Wal-mart to Canada. **Victims of the scam have been identified from the mid-coast and central Maine down to southern N.H.

Tips to Protect Yourself:

***Never give any financial or personal information about yourself to anyone via the phone, internet, mailings or any other form of communication where you do not know with whom you are dealing.

***Never send or wire any money to unfamiliar companies or unknown persons.

***Be very cautious in speaking with anyone calling or e-mailing you representing a company or organization:

a. Your financial institution will never ask you for your PIN number.

b. Legitimate companies or government officials won’t pressure you to make snap decisions.

***Before answering any solicitations made by phone talk it over with a trusted friend, family member or financial advisor.

NEWINGTON RESIDENTS: For more information on protecting yourself from scams and identity theft, keep checking the Newington Police Dept. WEB site: for updates or contact Detective Sergeant Tony Harland via e-mail: or call (603) 431-5461 x 102.