Re: Newington Town Ordinance 86-08



Alarm Systems, Users and Businesses

The Town of Newington has enacted an ordinance relative to minimum standards of operation and regulations applicable to emergency, fire, and burglar alarm systems, alarm businesses and alarm users.

You are required to obtain a permit from the Police Department within sixty (60) days of enactment of your alarm system. Your attention is called to the penalty sections relative to false alarms and operating a system without a permit.

If you are an alarm user, you should promptly complete the application and return it to the Police Department with your check or money order, payable to the Town of Newington, in the amount of Fifty-Dollars ($50.00). As stated in the ordinance, you are required to renew your permit annually by sending a Twenty-five Dollar ($25.00) renewal fee. Letters will be sent out annually notifying you of the renewal date of July 31.

Should you have any questions concerning the ordinance or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Taylor Cooney or Captain Brandon Smart (603) 431-5461.

Email for a New Alarm Permit User Form.

If a fee is due, make your check made payable to the Town of Newington, and mail to:
Newington Police Dept.
ATTN: Alarm Permit
71 Fox Point Road
Newington, NH 03801