We’re looking for volunteers!

Many of the residents of Newington know that during times of emergency, the Town of Newington opens its emergency shelter, located at the Town Hall. The emergency shelter was most recently opened following the February 2010 wind storm, which caused an extended power outage for many residents. The emergency shelter was also opened for several days during the December 2008 ice storm, which coupled an extended power outage with cold temperatures. During these times of emergency, the shelter gives people, who are not able to remain in their homes, another option. Depending on the scope of the emergency, the shelter may remain open for several days and require around the clock supervision. The Emergency Management Committee is looking for volunteers who can be called upon to help staff the emergency shelter during these times.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Chief Michael Bilodeau at 431-5461 or Chief EJ Hoyt at 436-9441.