Town of Newington New Hampshire
Established 1713

Office of Emergency Management – June 28, 2018 Minutes

There was an OEM meeting on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Chief Andy Head, Firefighter Darin Sabin, Jane Hubbard of Hubbard Consulting and Diana St. Laurent. Chief Michael Bilodeau was unable to attend the meeting.

The draft copy of the “Waterfront Emergency Response Plan” was reviewed by the Committee. Jane said that she thought it was a good idea to summarize the dangerous chemicals, such as LPG, ethyl mercaptan, hydrochloric acid and anhydrous ammonia in the report. It was decided to remove Georgia Pacific from the list and add Little Bay Lobster Company since they have supplies of ammonia on site.

It was decided to add the Waterfront Plan as an annex to the existing Newington Emergency Operations Plan. The plan will be activated by the Newington Fire Chief, in coordination with the Police Chief and the Emergency Management Directors. Jane said she will add the plan in digital form and send copies for our records. Jane said she will look into whether there is an MOU with the EOC and the DES Coastal Offices at Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth.

On page 11, under #8 “Evacuation”: it was decided to remove the sentence “:A voluntary evacuation is one suggested for precautionary measures, whereas a mandatory evacuation is for an immediate threat to life or property.”

On page 14, #10 “Shelter and Reception Areas” it was decided to add “a minimal number of houses” to the sentence reading “There are only:. . within a 1 mile radius of the waterfront.”

It was recommended to add NH Fish & Game to the listing on page 23. It was suggested that a training drill be conducted every two years.

Jane showed the committee a draft of the website she is creating for the Waterfront Plan. It was suggested that the website be connected to the Emergency Management side of the Newington NH Police Department website.

It was decided to have a table-top exercise with the stakeholders. The tentative date was set for September 12, 2018 from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Newington Police Department.  The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


OEM Conference Room