Town of Newington New Hampshire
Established 1713

Office of Emergency Management

August 31, 2017

There was a meeting with the stake holders to review the plans for preparing the Newington Waterfront Emergency Response Plan.

PRESENT: Co-Director Chief Andy Head, Co-Director Chief Michael Bilodeau, Jane Hubbard of Hubbard Consulting, and representatives from the following agencies signed in for the meeting: Homeland Security; U.S. Coast Guard; NH Port Authority; SEA 3; Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department; NH DOT; Dover Fire & Rescue; Newington Board of Selectmen; Portsmouth Fire Department; and NH DES.

Chief Head gave a brief overview of the project which involves the expansion at SEA-3 and State requirements for the Town of Newington to have a response plan. The Chief said that once the plan is completed there will be a table-top exercise to implement the aspects of the emergency plan. There was discussion of ways to implement emergency notifications should an emergency arise. E-911 has state emergency notification utilizing land lines but has a limited capability; and there is an application that can be down loaded on cell phones for emergency notification. It mentioned to look into IFO on Corporate Drive to see if the communications equipment is functional and could be used as part of the notification plan.

Jane Hubbard said that she will be reviewing several emergency plans already in use. She said she is not looking to reinvent the plans already in place, but will do updates. The plan will list potential hazards and other areas that may require emergency activation such as SEA-3 and Sprague. She said that The State of NH does not have a state-wide emergency shelter so that is left up to each community to prepare a shelter for their residents.

There was discussion about what agency would be responsible for the initial notifications and that certain agencies in Dover, Portsmouth, and Eliot would need to be notified ASAP, along with the Coast Guard. Ms. Hubbard suggested developing an incident command form listing the agency responsible for the initial notification. Ms. Hubbard said that she will be developing an emergency pamphlet which will be available on line and also there will be a website created.

Ms. Hubbard told the group that the plan needs to be completed by September 2018 and that she anticipates meeting on a monthly basis with the Town and stake holders and then the table top exercise will be scheduled.



OEM Conference Room