Town of Newington New Hampshire
Established 1713

Office of Emergency Management – December 14, 2017 Minutes

There was a meeting with the stake holders on December 14, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at the Newington Police Department. Present were representatives from Newington PD/FD; NH Port Authority; Hubbard Consulting; NH E911; USCG; Dover FD; NH DOT; SEA-3; and Portsmouth FD.

The focus of the meeting was on communications, notifications and alerting during an emergency. Tim Scott and Jeannie Caddarette from E911 were present to help with the ENS Emergency notification system. Jane Hubbard of Hubbard Consulting said she would like feedback from the attendees in reference to the existing communications infrastructure, any road blocks or challenges that might occur with an incident along the waterfront.

Jeannine Caddarette from E911 provided handouts with an overview of how E911 works. There was a long discussion about direct and indirect users of ENS E911 and how long it would take for the phone emergency to reach the critical areas affected by a waterfront emergency. Jeannine said that their contacts are taken directly from the E911 data base and they share the “public” sign up page with Homeland Security. Jeannine said that right now there are 6,600 contacts in Newington and another 600 from public sign up. Jeannine said it is important for the public with VOIP phone, cell phones or those who want to receive text messages, to sign up on the “sign-up” page so they are included in any alerts. Tim Scott spoke and said that ENS E911 is only a part of the emergency notification process. Jeannine said that looking at their history, it took about an hour to notify 4400 people in a community. She said that if the emergency message is concise it is a relatively quick process.

The representative from the U.S. Coast Guard said that he will provide a protocol list of who to notify first, etc. It was decided that the Pease Development Authority should be included in the meetings and information.

There was a discussion to identify the bottlenecks in communication and recommendations for improvement.

The meeting adjourned at 11:19 a.m.


OEM Conference Room