Town of Newington New Hampshire

Office of Emergency Management

Chief Michael D. Bilodeau, Co-Director                      Chief Andy Head, Co-Director
Newington Police Department                                        Newington Fire Department

The goal of the Newington Office of Emergency Management is to prepare for, respond to, and aid in the recovery of both natural and man-made disasters.

In 2017 newly-hired Police Chief Michael Bilodeau was sworn in as Co-Director of Emergency Management, along with Co-Director Fire Chief Andy Head.

The NH Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management approved the 50/50 Emergency Management Performance Grant for work on the waterfront emergency evacuation plan for the town and surrounding communities.

In March 2017 a meeting was held, with Jane Hubbard of Hubbard Consulting LLC, to begin work on the emergency evacuation plan. It was determined that a "kick-off" meeting with the stake holders would be held later in the year. In August 2017 the stake holders meeting was held, with Jane Hubbard of Hubbard Consulting LLC, and several representatives from the surrounding communities, which could possibly be affected should an emergency occur on the waterfront. Another meeting was held in December 2017 with representatives from E911 to discuss how notification would be handled in the event of an emergency. The Waterfront Emergency Evacuation Plan is slated to be completed no later than September 2018.

Looking forward to 2018, work will begin, with a representative from the Rockingham Planning Commission, on updating the Town's Hazard Mitigation Plan. The NH Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management requires the plan be updated every 5 years.  The grant paperwork has been submitted to the State for approval.

Be sure to visit the website and select the page for "Emergency Management" to get helpful hints on preparations for winter weather, lightning storms, flooding, hurricanes, and much more.

Respectfully submitted for the Co-Directors:
Michael D. Bilodeau, Police Chief
Andy Head, Fire Chief
by Diana St. Laurent, Administrative Assistant